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Experienced coach providing personalized leadership coaching session at Naris Leadership Academy.



Empowering the Leader Within You

Naris Leadership Academy is the premiere resource for people who are ready to discover their inner leader, amplify their voice, and transform their communities.

Are you ready to unleash your inner leader and make a positive impact on your community or workplace?

Do you want to transform your leadership skills and become a change agent?

Are you looking for a premiere resource to help you achieve these goals?

Then look no further. At Naris Leadership Academy, our passion is to help you discover your leadership potential and thrive in your career. Our courses, coaching, and publications are designed to help you become an effective leader who can change the world.


Naris Leadership Academy provides a range of products and services aimed at developing individuals' leadership skills and mindset, catering to both aspiring and established leaders. The academy offers several products, including the Leaders and Thinkers Quarterly Magazine, D-PART Model eBook, My Visionary Mindset System™ Leader Assessment, and DISC w/Motivators Assessment. These products are designed to enhance leadership skills, overcome obstacles, and develop a visionary mindset.


In addition to these products, Naris Leadership Academy offers private coaching sessions or Leadership coaching services with Dr. Keera Cleare-Godfrey, a certified EQi-2.0 coach, as a service. The EQi-2.0 Assessment and Private Coaching service aim to help individuals boost their emotional intelligence and develop practical strategies for success. The coaching call provides valuable insights into emotional intelligence scores, helping individuals gain better control of self-expression, build better relationships, and increase self-awareness.

Diverse group of professionals participating in an interactive leadership training workshop at Naris Leadership Academy.


At Naris Leadership Academy, we believe in working closely with our learners to build trusting relationships that embody values of emotional safety, behavioral harmony, and emotional intelligence. Our approach is centered around principles of transformational leadership and a research-based human-centered change model, which enables us to help leaders understand their stakeholders in ways that accelerate movement along the change curve.


Our ultimate goal is to partner with leaders to build organizational ecosystems that enable and empower people to thrive. We're passionate about empowering our learners with the tools they need to lead and adopt new ways of thinking, gaining clarity on their next move and experiencing the relief and joy that comes with simply knowing what to do. 


We believe that our learners deserve the very best, and we're committed to helping them achieve their goals and succeed in every way possible.

Effective team leadership demonstrated during a collaborative exercise.


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